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Some Video Work

I spent 10 years in the television news industry, which explains why I primarily taught video editing and production on college campuses. Because I'm passionate about wellness and spirituality, I've written, shot, and edited many videos for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Portfolio Reel

Here's an ensemble of things I've shot and edited the past 27 years. My news reel is from the 90s--when we were still shooting on TAPE and in standard definition. Although technology has evolved since then, the basic principles of good shooting and editing still hold true.

Wisdom Wednesday

Avoiding Distractions

A short Facebook video describing a technique to help you focus.

Wisdom Wednesday

Benefits of Yawning

During COVID-19, I was doing much of my teaching from home. I had to use my dog as "yawners" to show the benefits of yawning.

Hill Repeats Workout Video

Brad4d Wellness

My mic wasn't working, but this shows a hill workout in the blistering heat of summer.

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