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Academic Research

Although most of my original research uses quantitative methods, I also conducted a qualitative ethnography to stretch my research experience. Here are some samples of experimental, survey, and ethnographic research.

Image by dole777

This study explores the role of social comparison and competitiveness on social media use and addiction. An online survey found that social comparison orientation is positively related to social media use and addiction.

No Time to Think: The Impact of Smartphone Technology on Mindfulness and Reflection

This study investigated the relationship between smartphones and reflection, mindfulness and hyperactivity. The results showed that smartphone addiction symptoms of withdrawal are significantly related to hyperactivity and negatively related to reflection. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Fitsum Admasu

The Thrill to Compete: A Personal Story of Exercise Dependence

This paper focuses on the roles of competitiveness and exercise identification in the motivation in endurance sports. It uses ethnography, which mixes personal story with academic research.

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