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About Me

I'm a true Baltimore "Hon" who spent 10 years working in television news in Baltimore, Washington, and Pennsylvania media markets. People thought I was nuts when I left my career and beloved Baltimore to pursue my graduate degree at the University of Alabama. Perhaps I was nuts, but I stayed in the South for almost 18 years.

Writing has always been part of my development. My joy of writing began when I was a child, where I would pour my heart out about my various childhood crushes. In high school, my friends and I would write a continuing story about our romances with rock stars. I wrote various screenplays in college, imagining relationships and lifestyles that would give spice to my mundane life. 

I moved into nonfiction writing in graduate school and found that it helped me better understand the world. Learning about the scientific process fueled my intellectual self, but writing about how science can be relevant to our lives inspires my creative self. I also enjoy extracting practical wisdom from esoteric spiritual texts.​

I've also taught research writing and media writing to college students for more than 20 years.

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Writer, Health Digest

May 2022-present

• Researched medical websites and research databases for articles.
• Authored 2-3 mini-feature articles per week using best SEO practices.
• Composed time-sensitive pieces within a two-hour deadline.
• Interpreted scientific research findings into 300-700-word articles for general audiences.

Visiting Assistant Professor, La Salle University

August 2018-May 2022

• Developed social media marketing plans for student work.
• Edited and proofread student work for public-facing websites.
• Taught students how to tell strong stories through audio and video media.

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