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I spent 10 years in the television news industry, which explains why I primarily taught video editing and production on college campuses. Because I'm passionate about wellness and spirituality, I've written, shot, and edited many videos for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Physical Education

The body holds so much tension and stress. When we hear the word "yoga," we often think of contortionist poses in $150 yoga pants. No. Easing tension can be done anywhere. Take a look.


Some poems really speak to me. I heard this poem in the early 1990s when Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran recited it during his Whitbread sailing adventures. I've treasured this poem ever since.

A Little Fun

As an avid cyclist, I hate to see certain "cycling" platforms that are way too expensive. This parody of one platform shows where "real" cyclists choose to ride indoors.

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